Fou Fow Ramen in Amsterdam

Fou Fow Ramen in Amsterdam


If you fancy having a bowl of ramen in the Netherlands, Fou Fow Ramen is the place to go to. The noodles are perfectly chewy and not overcooked and the broth is amazing. Fou Fow serves a variety of ramen such as Shio Ramen (noodles in chicken broth), Tonkotsu Ramen (noodles in pork broth) and Miso Ramen (noodles in a rich chicken and pork broth with miso). It even serves a vegetarian ramen.

I love their home made gyozas as well. You have a choice of pork & vegetable gyozas, vegetarian gyozas and even deep fried chicken gyozas.

Fou Fow is so popular that it has opened a second shop in Amsterdam at Van Woustraat 3. Apart from Mondays, the Elandsgracht shop is open for lunch from 12:00-15:00 and dinner from 17:00-21:00. As it’s so popular, you can’t reserve a table. I therefore suggest that you go during off peak hours. While waiting for a table at Fou Fow, you can explore the surrounding area or walk around the corner and have an ice cream at Ijscuypje which sells amazing ice cream and gelato.