Peony farm is open on 12 May, the day before Mother’s Day!

Peony farm is open on 12 May, the day before Mother’s Day!


Peonies are one of my favourite flowers! The peony farm in Voorschoten (Click here for my previous blog for its location) is open for business for just one day on the 12th May for its first harvest and thereafter, it hopes to be open every day from the 21st May.

This farm has the freshest peonies and its prices are competitive. I can’t wait to go there on Saturday to buy myself bunches of peonies. What a Mother’s Day treat!

Peony farm in Voorschoten opened today!

Peony farm in Voorschoten opened today!

If you are a peony lover like me, you would love this peony farm as you buy peonies that are freshly cut daily on site. It has many peony varieties, single, double, etc. and a variety of colours.  You can even buy potted peony plants from them.

It’s a 30 year old farm that used to supply peonies only to the flower auction but now it sells to the public!

Today is the first day it opened and they had the single peonies on sale. A bunch of 10 peonies only cost me €5! The double peonies will be available next week. 

Go early as they tend to sell out very quickly. They open at 9:00am but as their opening hours are irregular at the moment, check their Facebook page, before going!

It’s located just outside Voorschoten. As you leave Voorschoten on the N447 towards Leidschendam, you pass the Esso petrol station on your left, continue along the road and you will see the farm on the right hand side before the bridge. It is opposite a building called B. Hoogwerff Kroon.

Depending on the weather, the farm opens for approximately 4 weeks. Enjoy the peonies!!