Is Leiden market worth visiting?

Is Leiden market worth visiting?

Have you been to the Leiden market? If you haven’t, it’s worth going. There is something about a market along the canal that gives it so much more character and charm. I can’t think of a better way of spending a Saturday morning than strolling in the market to the hustle and bustle of the vendors and the smell of food.

The market takes place on both sides of the canal and is held twice a week: Wednesdays and Saturdays. However, I recommend going on Saturdays as the market is twice the size of the Wednesday one. I like the fact that it is a much larger market than the Wassenaar market and hence, you have a bigger choice of fruit, cheese, fish, florists and nut shops to choose from.

There are also regular shops running parallel to the market. For example, there is Mamie Gourmande Boulangerie. It is quite comparable to Michiel. It sells quiches, all types of bread & pastries such as croissants, etc. It’s very popular and there is often a queue outside the shop.

In case you are wondering which shops in the market are good, here are my favourite shops.


There are several fish shops in the market and they are all in a row next to each other but I love Klaas Hartevelt for the its excellent quality and great value. There is always a really long queue at peak hour but it’s well worth the wait. He sells at different markets from Tuesday to Saturday and you can find more details from his website. Attached is a photo to help you identify his shop.

The market has my favourite chip shop called Karels Bio Friet. It’s organic and chips are fried with their skins on, just the way I like it, The chips are freshly cooked and not refried like some chip shops. It has 10 different sauces to choose from. My daughter’s favourite sauce is Flip which is a peanut butter and mayonnaise. It sounds like an odd combination for a sauce but it works. It’s quite nice.  You can’t miss this shop as it is a distinctive yellow and green caravan.

There is an amazing cheese shop in the market called Holland Kaascentrum which has several award winning cheeses. The staff are really friendly and happy to let you sample as many cheeses as you want.

I have explored several markets in Holland and I would still say that Leiden is my favourite market!

Valk Versmarkt Voorschoten

Valk Versmarkt Voorschoten


Have you ever been to the Van der Valk fresh market? A Dutch friend recommended it to me and I was really impressed with the quality and range of fresh meat and fish that they have. The quality is excellent and the price lower than some of the butchers that I have been to. The other bonus is the fact that it is open seven days a week. It has a huge car park and parking is free.

I remember arriving in Holland five years ago and it took me months to find the correct cut of beef for a quick stir fry. When I walked towards the meat counter, I saw a drawing of a cow labelled with all the cuts of beef and I finally understood which part of the cow I had been buying.

Bread and cakes are freshly baked on the premises. If that’s not enough to tempt you, it also has a fruit & vegetable section, cheese & nuts counter and a wine section. Personally, I love their own ice cream brand which are sold in tubs.

As it’s a little bit tricky to find, its address is Veurseweg 214, 2252AH Voorschoten. As you drive out of Voorschoten town towards Leidschendam, you will pass the Van der Valk hotel on the right and the Valk fresh market is the next turning on the right.

Source: Valk Versmarkt Voorschoten logo