Llaollao frozen yoghurt is now in The Hague

Llaollao frozen yoghurt is now in The Hague

img_3952.jpgWe went to Spain last April and discovered an amazing frozen yoghurt place called Llaollao. It’s a natural frozen yoghurt that is delicious and healthy as it’s made from skimmed milk. Llaollao’s frozen yoghurt is made on the premises and you have a choice of 3 tub sizes: small, medium and large. A serving comes with a choice of toppings depending on the tub size you choose.

There are 3 categories of toppings: fruit, crunchy and sauces. My personal favourite toppings are the mango, strawberry and crunchy almond. Llaollao is incredibly good value for money as it isn’t sold by weight so you don’t need to worry about choosing “heavy” toppings!

We were so hooked on Llaollao in Spain that we bought half a litre of takeaway frozen yoghurt to eat for breakfast the next day. The takeaway container was so cute as it was in the shape of a green apple. It had a separate compartment for the 3 toppings that came with it and was well insulated to keep the yoghurt cold. You save €1 if you return with your green apple container for another takeaway!


When the holiday ended, we were lamenting over how we would miss Llaollao.  I decided to google if Llaollao was in Holland and couldn’t believe it when I discovered that it was in Holland and had opened its first shop in the Palace Promenade in Scheveningen last November!

Llaollao is located inside the Palace Promenade and its menu is comparable to what we had in Spain. It has a smaller menu but it still has the main items such as the smoothies, sanums and sensations. And best of all, Llaollao even has the apple takeaway containers here.

Llaollao is open 7 days a week from 12:00-20:00 but it closes earlier if it’s a quiet day. The next time you are in the beach at Scheveningen, you must try Llaollao.