Philippe Galerne Patisserie in the Hague

Philippe Galerne Patisserie in the Hague


Have you been to Philippe Galerne’s Patisserie near the Frederik Hendriklaan? I recently discovered it and have been so thrilled with my discovery. It has such a large selection of bread, tarts, pastries and desserts and despite the constant queue of people in the bakery, the staff are always friendly and patiently serving customers. I remember the first time I went there, I was so confused with the variety of bread but the girl who served me patiently and enthusiastically described the variety they had to help me decide which bread to buy. When I couldn’t decide between the 2 choices, she suggested that I buy half a loaf each which I thought was so nice and accommodating of her.


I have tried their plain croissant, chocolate croissant & almond croissant and they have been amazing. My favourite is definitely the almond croissant as unlike most croissants, this one oozes with a creamy almond paste!

They do an incredibly good pear tart. You can buy individual ones or a large one. The crust is a lovely and thick and the pears on top are succulent and not too sweet. A perfect combination.

The bakery has been open for 11 years and most of the staff are French. They are open every day except Mondays. As Philippe is always busy with its  continual flow of customers, it has a high turnover and fresh produce is always being baked throughout the day. What I particularly love about Philippe is their customer service. I have called on more than one occasion and if they have run out of what I want, they offer to bake what I want in 2 hours! What more can you ask for! A tip from me – I recommend that you call to reserve what you want before you go so that you don’t get disappointed.