FOAM in Den Haag

FOAM in Den Haag


FOAM cafe on the Frederikstraat is a lovely vegan cafe that opens seven days a week from 10 am. Although I am not a vegan, I love the food there as it’s absolutely delicious.

The soup is always excellent. I had the coconut & red lentil soup last Monday.  My daughter chose the Pita Gyros which was filled with oyster mushrooms & tzatziki.

We tried the homemade lemon & coconut cake which was amazing as it was light, fluffy and not too sweet. It was so popular that by the end of lunch, the cake was almost gone. It was so good that we bought a slice to take home.

The name “FOAM” means “Fresh Organic and Meat Free”. It is a relatively new cafe as it opened in April 2016.  I am so glad that I have found a vegan cafe which serves great food. FOAM has a great ambiance with a lovely view of the garden at the back.


Vascobelo on Denneweg, Hague

Vascobelo on Denneweg, Hague

If you are looking for somewhere to go in The Hague that is open 7 days a week, you should check out Vascobelo which is open from 8:00 during the week (9:00 during the weekends). We went there for brunch on Sunday and loved it. They do really good poached eggs such as Eggs Benedict Deluxe or Eggs Scandinavia which is with smoked salmon. If you aren’t an egg person like me, I recommend the Goulash soup which was delicious with lovely chunks of beef. The cappuccino there was so good that I had two cups!

What I liked about Vascobelo was the fact that it was very open and spacious. As the Dutch would say, it’s a gezellig cafe to have a coffee, read or even meet friends as it has a warm inviting ambiance. At the back of the cafe, there are rows of book shelves and a long table where you can work. It feels like being in your own library.

Vascobelo is a Belgian coffee company that serves not just coffee but good quality food. It opened in The Hague in mid November 2017. Its breakfast menu ends at 12:00 which is then followed by a lunch menu. From Thursdays to Saturdays, it also serves dinner till 21:00. I highly recommend going there even if it’s just to have a coffee!

David’s Gelato in Gouda

David’s Gelato in Gouda


Gouda is famous for its cheese but I discovered something even better – David’s Gelato! This place does AMAZING gelato and sorbet with really unique & interesting combinations. For example, he had a sorbet called Thailand which is made up of mango, coconut & a spicy pepper. I chose the vanilla gelato with homemade raspberry compote, cookies and white chocolate. I wasn’t sure about the combination But it was incredible and had a delightful crunch to it. My daughter had the passion fruit & apricot and raved about it. My husband had the pistachio and he said it was even better than De Lelie’s pistachio ice cream! And the cone was so light and melted in your mouth. Loved it.

This place has over 100 flavours and has new flavours almost weekly. What an avant-garde gelato creator! I was curious about how fresh and pure the gelatos were that I went onto his website and this is what I found out!

David, the owner who is currently in his late 20’s went to Italy in 2012 to learn how to make ice cream  and in 2013, he opened his gelato shop in Gouda!

He believes in using only the best ingredients so he sources from all over the world. The fresh fruit is peeled by hand and the milk comes directly from a farm less than 3 minutes away.

You can even hire David’s 3-wheeler ice cream truck for parties, weddings or business functions. Of course, he does wedding ice cream cakes and he even custom makes ice cream for restaurants to suit their menus.

For the address and opening hours, go to By the way, it’s open seven days a week from March to October and it’s located in the centre of Gouda.


Valk Versmarkt Voorschoten

Valk Versmarkt Voorschoten


Have you ever been to the Van der Valk fresh market? A Dutch friend recommended it to me and I was really impressed with the quality and range of fresh meat and fish that they have. The quality is excellent and the price lower than some of the butchers that I have been to. The other bonus is the fact that it is open seven days a week. It has a huge car park and parking is free.

I remember arriving in Holland five years ago and it took me months to find the correct cut of beef for a quick stir fry. When I walked towards the meat counter, I saw a drawing of a cow labelled with all the cuts of beef and I finally understood which part of the cow I had been buying.

Bread and cakes are freshly baked on the premises. If that’s not enough to tempt you, it also has a fruit & vegetable section, cheese & nuts counter and a wine section. Personally, I love their own ice cream brand which are sold in tubs.

As it’s a little bit tricky to find, its address is Veurseweg 214, 2252AH Voorschoten. As you drive out of Voorschoten town towards Leidschendam, you will pass the Van der Valk hotel on the right and the Valk fresh market is the next turning on the right.

Source: Valk Versmarkt Voorschoten logo

Chocolaterie De Lelie in Delft

Chocolaterie De Lelie in Delft

I have always known about the amazing Fair Trade chocolate that De Lelie sells but today, I tried their homemade ice cream. I couldn’t believe how long the queue was, it started at the front of the shop and went over the bridge. Cyclists passing by struggled to make their way through the crowd. You really have to be patient and wait to be served, but I promise you that it was well worth the wait. I tried 2 flavours – pistachio & “Delftenaartjes”. The pistachio was excellent – in fact I might even say that it’s better than Luciano’s. The “Delftenaartjes” is made of white chocolate, almond praline, almonds and hazelnuts.  I am not a white chocolate fan so it didn’t appeal to me as much as the pistachio flavour. If you read my earlier blog about Kek in Delft, De Lelie even has a “Kek” ice cream flavour which is an intense coffee flavour topped with cocoa bits. Unfortunately, this flavour wasn’t available today.

I would have loved to buy a pint of ice cream home but the queue was even longer than before. If you get addicted to to their ice cream (like I am now!), you can buy an ice cream card which gives you 10 scoops worth of ice cream for €11.50 (saving you €1.50 as a scoop costs €1.30). If you are an ice cream fanatic like me, Chocolaterie De Lelie is the place to go!img_0738

Kek in Delft

Kek in Delft

I recently discovered a wonderful cafe in Delft that opens 7 days a week for breakfast and lunch. It’s called Kek. My daughter & I went there on a Sunday and it was packed. It’s a clever concept of a cafe and crafts shop but it had a lovely cozy feel to it.  As the Dutch would say, it was “gezellig”. I absolutely loved the food there. We tried the roast chicken and homemade Dukkah sandwich which was flavourful and so delicious. I had the ‘We Make a Great Pear’ juice and my daughter had a Matcha almond latte. All the staff were young and helpful. I liked the fact that we didn’t have the pay for tap water and the service was good. The fact that people were prepared to queue for a table (as you can’t reserve a table) clearly indicated how good the food was. For dessert, I chose their homemade raw cheesecake and it was so good. I had never eaten a raw cheesecake before so I asked what it comprised of. I was told the cheesecake wasn’t baked and that the base was made of dates and the filling was pistachio and raspberry.  It tasted so much better than a normal cheesecake that is a lot heavier in texture. The cappuccino was excellent too. I am definitely going back there again.