Ruisenor restaurant in The Hague

Ruisenor restaurant in The Hague


Last night, we went to eat at Ruisenor as a friend raved about how amazing the food was. It’s a Mexican restaurant on the Denneweg which serves dinner 7 days a week. I called the night before and was told it was fully booked but I was put on a waiting list in case there were any cancellations. Thankfully, there was a last minute cancellation!

There wasn’t a menu to choose from as chef Alberto serves a 7 course tasting menu for Euro 50 per person. I was totally blown away by the food as it was an unforgettable culinary experience. Interestingly, chef Alberto has a degree in chemical engineering but decided to use his degree towards cooking!

Each course has a story. For example, the first course was called “Destroying mum’s food”. Although what we like to eat tends to be predetermined by the food cooked by our mum, Alberto challenges your taste buds in this first course with a wild fusion of international ingredients (including the cactus!).


I loved the “Zinc, Swing & Sing” course. Zinc is needed in the human body every day to maintain health and perform important functions such as repair, growth and immunity. So, Alberto create a dish full of zinc for his clients. An explosion of flavours burst through that made my taste buds “swing and sing”!


Every single course was wonderful. There was a course about the moment before you kiss. The flavours introduced in this dish activates the body’s preparation for the kiss. Alberto loves his biochemistry!

The restaurant has such a lovely ambiance with Alberto singing occasionally in the background. He has quite a number of staff working with him in the kitchen and you can tell they clearly enjoy what they do from the laughter in the kitchen. The staff who serve the food are attentive and do a great job describing the story behind each course to you. They even explain how you should eat the dish.

Alberto changes the menu every 2 months and as we left the restaurant, he was waiting with great excitement for a delivery of a 4 kilo King crab from which he wants to use for his next menu change. Ruisenor has been open for 2 years now and I would highly recommend a visit to this restaurant if you want a truly unique and wonderful dining experience.

FOAM in Den Haag

FOAM in Den Haag


FOAM cafe on the Frederikstraat is a lovely vegan cafe that opens seven days a week from 10 am. Although I am not a vegan, I love the food there as it’s absolutely delicious.

The soup is always excellent. I had the coconut & red lentil soup last Monday.  My daughter chose the Pita Gyros which was filled with oyster mushrooms & tzatziki.

We tried the homemade lemon & coconut cake which was amazing as it was light, fluffy and not too sweet. It was so popular that by the end of lunch, the cake was almost gone. It was so good that we bought a slice to take home.

The name “FOAM” means “Fresh Organic and Meat Free”. It is a relatively new cafe as it opened in April 2016.  I am so glad that I have found a vegan cafe which serves great food. FOAM has a great ambiance with a lovely view of the garden at the back.


Philippe Galerne Patisserie in the Hague

Philippe Galerne Patisserie in the Hague


Have you been to Philippe Galerne’s Patisserie near the Frederik Hendriklaan? I recently discovered it and have been so thrilled with my discovery. It has such a large selection of bread, tarts, pastries and desserts and despite the constant queue of people in the bakery, the staff are always friendly and patiently serving customers. I remember the first time I went there, I was so confused with the variety of bread but the girl who served me patiently and enthusiastically described the variety they had to help me decide which bread to buy. When I couldn’t decide between the 2 choices, she suggested that I buy half a loaf each which I thought was so nice and accommodating of her.


I have tried their plain croissant, chocolate croissant & almond croissant and they have been amazing. My favourite is definitely the almond croissant as unlike most croissants, this one oozes with a creamy almond paste!

They do an incredibly good pear tart. You can buy individual ones or a large one. The crust is a lovely and thick and the pears on top are succulent and not too sweet. A perfect combination.

The bakery has been open for 11 years and most of the staff are French. They are open every day except Mondays. As Philippe is always busy with its  continual flow of customers, it has a high turnover and fresh produce is always being baked throughout the day. What I particularly love about Philippe is their customer service. I have called on more than one occasion and if they have run out of what I want, they offer to bake what I want in 2 hours! What more can you ask for! A tip from me – I recommend that you call to reserve what you want before you go so that you don’t get disappointed.

Vascobelo on Denneweg, Hague

Vascobelo on Denneweg, Hague

If you are looking for somewhere to go in The Hague that is open 7 days a week, you should check out Vascobelo which is open from 8:00 during the week (9:00 during the weekends). We went there for brunch on Sunday and loved it. They do really good poached eggs such as Eggs Benedict Deluxe or Eggs Scandinavia which is with smoked salmon. If you aren’t an egg person like me, I recommend the Goulash soup which was delicious with lovely chunks of beef. The cappuccino there was so good that I had two cups!

What I liked about Vascobelo was the fact that it was very open and spacious. As the Dutch would say, it’s a gezellig cafe to have a coffee, read or even meet friends as it has a warm inviting ambiance. At the back of the cafe, there are rows of book shelves and a long table where you can work. It feels like being in your own library.

Vascobelo is a Belgian coffee company that serves not just coffee but good quality food. It opened in The Hague in mid November 2017. Its breakfast menu ends at 12:00 which is then followed by a lunch menu. From Thursdays to Saturdays, it also serves dinner till 21:00. I highly recommend going there even if it’s just to have a coffee!

Royal Christmas Market in Den Haag

Royal Christmas Market in Den Haag

With two more days to go before Christmas Day, feeling very festive, I decided to check out the Christmas market in the Hague this afternoon and had a gezellig time there despite the gloomy weather. What I liked about the market was the fact that it had a nice balance between the food outlets and the shops. Lange Voorhout is a great venue as it has a spacious walking area and hence, didn’t feel cramped which made the whole experience even more fun.

I liked the shops at the market as they offered a unique range and good variety of products. There was one shop that sold driftwood pieces which had a hand blown glass bowl or two sitting on top of it. You could use it as a decorative piece or a functional item such as a vase.

The shops didn’t just sell Christmas themed products. For example, there was a shop that sold English fudge and another that sold shoes from Portugal!

In terms of food offered at the market, the popular shops, as expected were the Bratwurst and the tornado potato. It also offered freshly made churros, poffertjes, duck spring rolls, duck baos and crepes.

Tomorrow is the last day of this Christmas market and it opens from 12:00-18:00. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2018!

Museumkwartier Car Park in the Hague

Museumkwartier Car Park in the Hague

Parkeergarage-Museumkwartier-Den-Haag-2What puts me off going to the Hague city centre is the car park price that you have to pay at the parking garages. It’s really difficult to find street parking as there is a shortage. Q-Park charges €4 for the first 50 minutes or part of it and €2 for the next 25 minutes or part thereof. Hence, if you park at Q-Park Grote Markt, you pay a minimum of €4 even if you only park there for less than an hour.

Recently, I discovered the Museumkwartier car park which is a new, nice and spacious car park. It is also brightly lit which makes me feel safer as I walk to and from my car. It only charges in half hour segments i.e. €1.90 for 30 minutes. If you buy your parking ticket online with Museumkwartier car park, you pay even less. For example, you can park for 4 hours and only pay €8 which is incredibly cheap.

If you go to the Hague for the day, Museumkwartier charges only €17.50 for the whole day (provided you buy the parking ticket online) whereas Q-Park charges €30.

The next time you go to The Hague centre for a meal, movie or to the museum, I recommend  you plan ahead and buy your parking ticket online and park at Museumkwartier.

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Restaurant Bog in the Hague

Restaurant Bog in the Hague

I went with some friends to Bog last Saturday. I had never been to a Nordic restaurant and wasn’t sure what to expect. The menu was simple – you had a choice of either meat/fish or a vegetables menu. You could choose either the 6 course menu or 8 course menu and wine pairing was available.

The menu was interestingly laid out as each course had a 3 ingredient description. Hence, you didn’t know how each course would be cooked which added to the surprise of the entire meal.

Before the first course arrived, we were served 3 different appetizers. The presentation was very simple and zen and the appetizers were incredibly delicious. The homemade bread was amazing! I don’t usually like sourdough bread but I loved Bog’s which had cumin in it. I simply couldn’t stop eating it.


The first course was incredible. It was an oyster emulsion with very thin slices of caulifower prepared in 3 different ways with a horseradish sauce. I loved the next course which was salmon rolled in dill powder and served with a garnish made from kohlrabi, sour cream and aquavit. The next 2 courses comprised of a porkloin dish and a duck dish. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy the dessert which was described in the menu as Jerusalem artichoke, chocolate and oat but it was amazing. The artichoke was a mousse and sorbet and it tasted so good with the white chocolate and oat crumble.


Bog opened in 2014 and its opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 18:30-23:00. The menu changes every 6 weeks. It’s a unique restaurant that explores by combining unusual and quality ingredients together. It was a sensational meal and I am definitely going back again.