Royal Christmas Market in Den Haag

Royal Christmas Market in Den Haag

With two more days to go before Christmas Day, feeling very festive, I decided to check out the Christmas market in the Hague this afternoon and had a gezellig time there despite the gloomy weather. What I liked about the market was the fact that it had a nice balance between the food outlets and the shops. Lange Voorhout is a great venue as it has a spacious walking area and hence, didn’t feel cramped which made the whole experience even more fun.

I liked the shops at the market as they offered a unique range and good variety of products. There was one shop that sold driftwood pieces which had a hand blown glass bowl or two sitting on top of it. You could use it as a decorative piece or a functional item such as a vase.

The shops didn’t just sell Christmas themed products. For example, there was a shop that sold English fudge and another that sold shoes from Portugal!

In terms of food offered at the market, the popular shops, as expected were the Bratwurst and the tornado potato. It also offered freshly made churros, poffertjes, duck spring rolls, duck baos and crepes.

Tomorrow is the last day of this Christmas market and it opens from 12:00-18:00. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2018!