Lunchroom Lot in Den Haag

Lunchroom Lot in Den Haag

img_3619Have you been to Fahrenheitstraat? If you haven’t, it’s worth exploring as this street has not only the mainstream shops such as Hema, Blokker, Albert Heijn but a variety of shops. Essentially, it’s a street where you can buy everything that you need  – even stamps, freshly ground coffee, etc. Of course, Fahrenheitstraat has a number of eating places.

One of my favourite is Lunchroom Lot which is on a street off Fahrenheitstraat.  I stumbled across Lot and simply loved the food and coffee there. There is always freshly made bread, soup, juices and smoothies. It’s a simple menu with an interesting twist. My favourite lunch choice is bread with Jamaican Jerk chicken, avocado and Sriracha dressing.


Another favourite of mine is the cauliflower pumpkin soup with red lentils and fenugreek.


Chef Roel changes an item on the menu every fortnight. I am looking forward to seeing what he will have on his menu as we head towards spring.

Lot is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 8:00-18:00. It’s a child friendly place as there are sofas and toys for kids to play with.

FOAM in Den Haag

FOAM in Den Haag


FOAM cafe on the Frederikstraat is a lovely vegan cafe that opens seven days a week from 10 am. Although I am not a vegan, I love the food there as it’s absolutely delicious.

The soup is always excellent. I had the coconut & red lentil soup last Monday.  My daughter chose the Pita Gyros which was filled with oyster mushrooms & tzatziki.

We tried the homemade lemon & coconut cake which was amazing as it was light, fluffy and not too sweet. It was so popular that by the end of lunch, the cake was almost gone. It was so good that we bought a slice to take home.

The name “FOAM” means “Fresh Organic and Meat Free”. It is a relatively new cafe as it opened in April 2016.  I am so glad that I have found a vegan cafe which serves great food. FOAM has a great ambiance with a lovely view of the garden at the back.


Vascobelo on Denneweg, Hague

Vascobelo on Denneweg, Hague

If you are looking for somewhere to go in The Hague that is open 7 days a week, you should check out Vascobelo which is open from 8:00 during the week (9:00 during the weekends). We went there for brunch on Sunday and loved it. They do really good poached eggs such as Eggs Benedict Deluxe or Eggs Scandinavia which is with smoked salmon. If you aren’t an egg person like me, I recommend the Goulash soup which was delicious with lovely chunks of beef. The cappuccino there was so good that I had two cups!

What I liked about Vascobelo was the fact that it was very open and spacious. As the Dutch would say, it’s a gezellig cafe to have a coffee, read or even meet friends as it has a warm inviting ambiance. At the back of the cafe, there are rows of book shelves and a long table where you can work. It feels like being in your own library.

Vascobelo is a Belgian coffee company that serves not just coffee but good quality food. It opened in The Hague in mid November 2017. Its breakfast menu ends at 12:00 which is then followed by a lunch menu. From Thursdays to Saturdays, it also serves dinner till 21:00. I highly recommend going there even if it’s just to have a coffee!

Cafe Coco at Amsterdam Airport Schipol

Cafe Coco at Amsterdam Airport Schipol


If you are at Schipol airport and have time to kill as security was much faster than you had anticipated, a lovely place to have a coffee, cake or a quick bite is Cafe Coco which is located in Schipol Lounge 2. It opened in 2016 and it offers a selection of starters, main courses and desserts.


Cafe Coco has comfortable chairs and unlike most of the food outlets, you are served by waiters at your table. As my family & I had already had lunch at home, we had some desserts and drinks. 

I had the “Longue Passion” cake which was an amazing mango & passion fruit dessert. My daughter had the “Quenelles aux chocolate”, a dessert for chocolate lovers as it had 3 different types of chocolate mousse on a crunchy base. The cappuccino was excellent.

I am so glad I discovered Cafe Coco as airports aren’t fun places to be especially if your flight has been delayed!