The Craft Kit in Aalsmeer 

The Craft Kit in Aalsmeer 

Are you stuck on what to do with your kids during the summer vacation? There’s a mosaic shop in Aalsmeer that you can buy mosaic kits to do. The kits come fully equipped with all the required material.  There is quite a good selection of kits to choose from such as a tortoise, mirror, tray and a dolphin.

It took my daughter just a few hours to mosaic this tortoise.

For those who know how to mosaic, it is a haven of mosaic supplies. It took me a good half an hour on my first visit to take in the large variety of mosaic material it had to offer.

It’s located near Schipol airport so you could pop by on the way to the airport or if you are on the way to Amsterdam. You also have the option of ordering online but in my opinion, it’s worth going there once to explore what it has to offer.