Westbroekpark in Den Haag

Westbroekpark in Den Haag

Have you been to Westbroekpark? If you haven’t, you should really check it out as it’s in the heart of Den Haag and it’s a beautiful park where you can picnic, stroll and chill out. I love the sculptures dotted around the park as it gives the park a little more character. Food truck festivals are held at Westbroekpark at various times of the year, usually in the summer. It has a large children’s playground with swings, slides and even a swinging monkey.

What I love about Westbroekpark is the beautiful rosarium which has over 300 rose varieties. It attracts avid rose growers even those from abroad during the flowering season. There is a information booth where you can get detailed information about the different rose varieties.

There are 2 food outlets in the park. My favourite is the Waterkant which is open daily from May to mid September. The Waterkant is located behind the rosarium and you can easily miss it if you are not looking for it. If you walk through the rosarium, you will pass a mound on the right which has a bunker underneath it. Walk pass the mound and turn right to find the hidden Waterkant which serves breakfast, lunch & dinner from 10:00-21:00. It serves simple food but one really goes there for the atmosphere and location.

Waterkant is set right beside a canal and people can go across to the other side with a hand-operated pulley system. I love the fact that you can rent a rowing boat from the Waterkant which is a fun activity to do in the summer.

A new exciting addition is an organic garden and restaurant that will be opening in Westbroekpark sometime in 2017. There is no information yet on exactly when it will be open but I will keep you posted once it is open.


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